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Adopting the Racing GreyhoundAdopting the Racing Greyhound Cynthia Branigan   (This is the absolute most detailed book on the subject.  Everyone considering adopting an ex-racer should buy this book first, if you've adopted and don't have this book then I recommend getting it....she tells of all the possible problems and offers sound advice, as well as all the wonderful reasons for adopting.)  

Reign of the Greyhound: A Popular History of the Oldest Family of Dogs  Cynthia Branigan  (There are some notable mistakes, especially with translations [she says "Cu Chulainn" "little hound" rather than "hound of the smith" or "hound of Culainn" and believes that the Hebrew Bible contained the word "Greyhound" when that started with the King James version...but most the books say this...other translations have "strutting rooster"], but it is a good read, just take historical "facts" with a grain of salt. [sorry, but history is my thing, I have to note this]). 

Care of the Racing Greyhound: A Guide for Trainers, Breeders, and Veternarians Linda Lou Blythe  (Also a great guide on health and care of the Greyhound for the owners of ex-racers)

Guide to Adopting an Ex-Racing Greyhound   Carolyn Raeke (not as extensive, but useful...I do strongly disagree with her stance that nerve-toxin flea collars, sprays, shampoos etc. are safe for Greyhounds or anyone else...including the Earth they get dumped in! Other than that one thing it's been a very useful book and it has some great photos.)

The Greyhound: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet  Daniel Braun Stern  (part of a series on different breeds, the last section is their standard "enjoying your dog" feature of basic training, activities, and family peace.  This book covers both AKC and NGA dogs.  For the latter he relies heavily on Branigan's work. The first aid section is the reason I bought this is concise, clear, and easy to follow. That alone makes this a good addition to the book shelf)

Greyhounds: Everything about Purchase, Adoption, Nutrition, Behavior, and Training Greyhounds: Everything About Purchase, Adoption, Care, Nutrition, Behavior, and Training D. Caroline Coile  (also part of a series, some others on other Sighthounds are below and also not only an ex-racer book, it probably is even more focused on AKC Greys than Stern's. Includes information on lure coursing, agility competitions, and some handy "how-to" pages.)

Pet Owner's Guide to the Greyhound Ann Finch

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Retired Racing Greyhounds Lee Livingood

The Complete Book of Greyhounds Julia Barnes(Editor)

Greyhound Tales: True Stories of Rescue, Compassion and Love Nora Star, Kari Mastrocola (editors) (stories of adopted ex-racers...some find it a bit too anti-racing, but the stories are touching.  Most, but not all are happy endings.)

The Ultimate Greyhound Mark Sullivan

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Other Sighthound (no they're not all here, I'm looking for as many as I can find at and would appreciate recommendations)

Scottish Deerhounds  Audry M. Benbow, Dorothy Benbow (I have 1965 book Audrey M. Benbow wrote, I don't know this one but based on the older one I feel safe
Irish Wolfhoundsrecommending this)

Irish Wolfhounds Beverly Pisano(again, I have an older book but mine is from 1990 and I think this a printing of the same)

Whippets: Everything About Purchase, Adoption, Care, Nutrition, Behavior, and Training D. Caroline Coile (sound familiar? she has a Greyhound book, above)

Whippets Today Patsy Gilmour

Afghan Hounds: Everything About Purchase, Adoption, Care, Nutrition, Behavior, and Training D. Caroline Coile

Borzois Gail C. McRae

The Saluki in History, Art, and Sport David Waters, Hope Waters

The Complete Basenji Elspet Ford

The Complete Rhodesian Ridgeback  Peter Nicholson

Ibizan Hounds Joan McDonald Brearley

Pharaoh Hounds Sue M. Sefscik

The New Complete Italian Greyhound Lilian Barber

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Gazehounds and Coursing H.M. Salmon  --out of print, but they'll search

Lure Coursing: Field Trialing for Sighthounds and How to Take Part  Arthur S. Beaman  ---also out of print, these were all I found so far

All About AgilityAgility Training: The Fun Sport for All Dogs Jane Simmons-Moake

All About Agility  Jacqueline O'Neil

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Adopted Dogs of all sorts

The Adoption Option: Choosing and Raising the Shelter Dog for You Eliza Rubenstein (Not much reference to ex-racers, but covers many issues regarding all adoptions of adult dogs.)
Found Dogs

Found Dogs Elise Lufkin, Diana Walker(Photographer), Peter Mayle (stories of dogs of all breeds and how they found their people.  A great gift and don't forget the would take a hard heart to not get teary here.)

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Health and Care

Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats Richard H. Pitcairn (advice on natural, non-intrusive ways to keep your pet healthy, from diet issues, to dealing with illnesses, to helping yourself cope with the loss of your pet)

Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook  Delbert Carlson

Care of the Racing Greyhound: A Guide for Trainers, Breeders, and Veternarians Linda Lou Blythe  (Also a great guide on health and care of the Greyhound for the owners of ex-racers)

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Training ----please note that there are many training styles represented here and that not everyone will like all of them, including myself.  However, we feel that the ones here do work for some people. We also believe that folks who are not sure of themselves as dog trainers, who have not had a lot of experience training dogs in the past or are facing behavioral issues that they are unfamiliar with should seek our the advice of professionals.  Obedience classes are a great way to start our your relationship with a new canine friend and get things going in the right direction from the start.

How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend  The Monks of New Skete How to be your Dog's Best Friend(They base their work on the study of pack behavior. Contraversal to some due to the inclusion of the "alpha roll" but actual reading of their method and the clear understanding of when it should be used, and that MOST dogs never need it, make it much less offensive than many seem to think.) 

Playtraining your Dog Patricia Gail Burnham (writer is a Greyhound person and the book features them)

Good Owners, Great Dogs Brian Kilcommons

Childproofing Your Dog Brian Kilcommons (Highly recommended if you have children or even if your dog is in contact with children at all)

Beyond Basic Dog Training Diane L. Bauman

Smart Trainers, Brilliant Dogs Janet R. Lewis

Dog Training - The Gentle Modern Method  David Weston

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Don't Shoot the Dog  Karen Pryor  (not just for dog training, but for understanding behavior in many situations)

The Dog that Loved Too Much Nicholas H. Dodman (a psychological look at dog behavior problems and issues.)  

The Wolf Within, A New Approach to Caring for Your Dog David Alderton

Leader of the Pack; How to Take Control of Your Relationship with Your Dog Nancy Baer, Steve Duno (approaches dog behavior on the pack relationship and teaches what a pack member expects of it's leader, so the human can learn to be a loving alpha.)

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Cute, loving, cornball, sweet  and sometimes meaningful books on dogs in general, including dog stories

Dogs in Love  J.C. Saures (A collection of photos with cute captions, showing the loving nature of dogs. No Greyhounds but does have Whippets, Salukis and a Rhodesian Ridgeback)

Everyday Heroes: Extraordinary Dogs Among Us Sherry Bennett Warshauer, Mary Bloom (photographer) (True stories of service dogs, therapy dogs, and rescue dogs reminding us of the important relationship between humans and canines and what they do for us.)

If Only You Knew How Much I Smell YouIf Only You Knew How Much I Smell You: True Portraits of Dogs Valerie Shaff (Photographer), Roy, Jr. Blount (A collection of photographs of dogs being themselves with interpretations of what the expressions mean to the dogs..  Adorable, funny, sometimes a bit sad....something that can be appreciated by all dog lovers because we know it's true.)

The Dog Who Wouldn't Be Farley Mowat  (Wouldn't be what?   Well, a dog the way dogs are "supposed to be."  A warm and fuzzy read, a great gift.  And something that most of us with dogs that are determined to confound us with their unique personalities can relate to.)

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Pups with pups ---dog books for kids (please see Child Proofing Your Dog by Kilcommons  in the traning section if you're mixing kids and dogs as offers great advice for a safe mix)(all these are recommendations by others...what do we know about kids?!)

The Complete Dog Book for Kids American Kennel Club

Kids + Dogs = Fun: Great Activities Your Kids and Dogs Can Do ASPCA Pet Care Guids for Kids: PuppyTogether Jacqueline O'Neil

ASPCA Pet Care Guides for Kids: Puppy Mark Evans

Dog Training for Kids Carol Lea Benjamin, Charles Wiesehahn(photographer)

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Rainbow Bridge/Pet Loss

The Loss of a Pet: New Revised and Expanded Edition Wallace Sife

Angel Pawprints: Reflections on Loving and Losing a Canine Companion Laurel E. Hunt(Editor) (stories, poems, memories of dealing with losing a beloved pet...again, bring the tissues.)

Legacies of Love, A Gentle Guide to Healing From the Loss of Your Animal Loved One (audio cassettes) Teresa L. Wagner, Maxine Musgrave (suggested by a shopper who found it very helpful in the loss of her dog. She said the voice was very healing,as well as the words.)  

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Wolves and other canines because understanding wild canines helps us to understand our companions and teaches us to be better pack leaders.

Of Wolves and MenOf Wolves and Men Barry H. Lopez (The first section tells the truth of how wolves live, the rest tells of how humans have perceived and interacted with them. Some of this latter is sad and often angering for those of us who admire and love these creatures. Highly recommended)

Never Cry Wolf Farley Mowat (sent to study a pack wolves, Mowat learns that they are loving intellegent social creatures who learn to accept his presence among them. Watching them he learns their complex pack structure, their language, they ways, learns to live like them and changes his outlook and habits after returning home. Highly recommended.)

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